AVALON SHIPBROKERS PTE. LTD., is a newly incorporated, Singapore based ship-broking company specialising in the Sale and Purchase of cargo carrying vessels, covering the entire asset class spectrum.

The Company has been established by a Team of experienced shipping professionals whose collective engagement with the industry goes back 50 years and thus we are confident that, in spite of our size, we already have a sufficient critical mass to compete with any of the established companies in the region.

In an age where the ship-broking industry has been defined by the constant merger and acquisition by companies to secure and expand upon their perceived market share we are resolved to doing things a little differently. We strongly believe that the desire to be bigger does not mean better, and this drive for increased market share can only mean the erosion of choice for the ship-owning fraternity. Our aim is to offer an ante-dote to these recent trends and in so doing it is our desire to re-connect with some of those traditional values which used to define the industry.

We believe our clients require a level of discretion which is always difficult to maintain within a large organisation and the need for privacy will always be at the heart of what we do. Being totally independent we are looking to exercise a freedom of action and thought giving us the agility to meet challenges promptly whenever and wherever they arise and to deliver a response which is unchecked by bureaucracy and untainted by the internal politics to which larger organisations are often prey.

We are established primarily to respond to the requirements of the shipping community in S.E. Asia to whose service we have been committed for so many years already. The unrivalled knowledge we have acquired in the process puts us in good stead to provide a keen portal between the markets of S.E. Asia and the rest of the World.

Having been embedded in this region for so many years already we believe that connectivity with our clients is best achieved by having personnel on board who are from those countries. By definition they are best equipped to understand the requirements of businesses in their particular region and to comprehend the individual nuances and cultural requirements which are so important to enable business to be concluded efficiently. We believe this model sets us apart and are proud of the fact that Bahasa, Malay, Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese are all spoken fluently by our staff.

By retaining the look and feel of a boutique company we are not only seeking to re-claim some of the virtues which may have been eroded by recent trends in the industry but we also want to be part of a movement which gives back choice to the client when it comes to determining how they wish to transact important deals. Our pledge is to put customer service at the heart of everything we do and to never forget that the client has this choice and in so doing, to become the most trusted name in the region for ship Sale and Purchase.