The best negotiations are ones where imagination allows the two sides to devise mutual advantages that turn it into a win-win experience.
- Luke Johnson, entrepreneur

Sale and Purchase

With almost 50 years of pooled experience to call upon, we are suitably equipped to handle any kind of sale and purchase transaction, whether it be for a newbuilding, a second hand vessel or a vessel which is to be sold for demolition.

The time invested in servicing the requirements of a wide array of clients ensures that over the years we have gathered a high degree of knowledge over most asset classes of cargo carrying vessels, enabling us to play a full part in the selection of the right candidate, the negotiation for its sale and ensuring the transfer of title is effected as smoothly as possible.

Our extensive network of complimentary shipping service providers ensures that our clients are tapped into all other aspects of a vessel’s operation from managers to insurance agents and from banks to inspection companies in order to make the sale process as efficient as possible.


We have been providing ship-valuations for many years, counting banks, insurance companies, lawyers and Owners amongst our regular clients.

NB Valuation services are provided by a separate company