Sale and Purchase

In a continuously changing market, we are adept at handling all types and asset classes of Sale and Purchase transactions in shipping - whether newbuild, second-hand or vessels sold for demolition.

Recent published estimates have suggested that there are currently around 56,000 merchant ships trading internationally.

Owners of these vessels may find it expedient, at some point in the lifetime of the vessel to sell her.

As trading patterns evolve and new opportunities emerge, it follows that there will be a need to buy vessels to meet this demand.

Our role as dedicated Sale and Purchase brokers is to match the requirements of parties looking to sell with those looking to buy and to guide the parties to a satisfactory outcome.

With a well of more than 75 years collective experience from which to draw upon, we would hope to be able to de-mystify the buying and selling process for those who are mystified and to walk side by side with those who the more well versed.

We are well-equipped to advise on newbuilding and second-hand transactions as well as re-cycling strategies when assets get to the end of their useful life.

Guided by our clients we have concluded numerous transactions across the dry cargo spectrum and across the entire energy segment (tankers and gas).

In order to offer the best possible market-coverage we are plugged into a World-Wide network of more than 800 broking companies.

Significant investment has been made to ensure that data is captured and archived by which we are also available to offer Valuation & Consultancy Services which are conducted by our subsidiary company Avalon Valuations Pte. Ltd.