Valuations & Consultancy

Valuation services are conducted by our affiliated company, Avalon Valuations Pte. Ltd.

In the main valuation work is undertaken by John Gower. Having been immersed in the business of buying and selling vessels since the late 1980’s, John was able to hone his skills having spent many years working at C.W. Kellock & Co. Limited who are the sworn valuers to the Courts of Justice in England and Wales and the exclusive brokers to the UK Admiralty Marshall.

Generously described by the Tradewinds newspaper as a ‘valuations expert’ *, John has undertaken valuation work on behalf of a number of Owners, banks and insurance companies since arriving in Asia in 2006.

Given that the combined experience of the Avalon team amounts to more than three quarters of a century it is only natural that a bank of knowledge has been accumulated from which clients can draw.

We are happy to discuss how we may be of service to interested parties beyond the confines of conventional Sale and Purchase; if we don’t have the answer, then it’s assured that we can make the right introduction.

*issue dated 20th November 2020.